Total porcelain coverage – the perfect solution to beautiful, strong and enduring teeth

Choosing the Stype of porcelain for cosmetic dental restoration is a popular concern among customers. According to the assessment of Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic’s experts, total porcelain coverage is the solution that results in a beautiful set of teeth, ALMOST COMPLETELY NATURAL LOOKING, that allows great chewing capacity and the durability that stands the test of time.

Total porcelain coverage – the perfect solution to beautiful, strong and enduring teeth

Total porcelain coverage – The perfect solution to beautiful, strong and enduring teeth

What sets Total Porcelain Coverage apart from others

Also known as porcelain coverage without metal is made up entirely of porcelain (the inner as well as the outer layer) and is produced by the advanced CAD/CAM system, therefore features many special characteristics:

– The porcelain cover has an accurate form, exactly as that of natural teeth due to using precise shaping parameters without making any flaws during the production procedure.

– The porcelain used has a similar color to that of natural teeth and comes with a diverse color profile. Customers can choose the desirable color that matches the skin tone, age range or the natural color of their teeth (in cases where the coverage is not applied to the whole jaw).

– The durability of total porcelain coverage can be as high as 20-30 years or even a lifetime if the customer maintains their teeth well and scientifically. Many research shows that total porcelain coverage can withstand exceptional chewing pressure levels up to 900 Mpa (5 times more compare to that of natural teeth).

– Total porcelain coverage has good biocompatibility and so does not cause gum problems that could happen when metal porcelain coverage is applied.

– Does not blacken the edge of teeth or discolor teeth due to lack of heat production from teeth, does not cause any chemical reaction with the oral environment.

For the above reasons, experts highly recommend choosing total porcelain coverage instead of non-total options.

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Branded total porcelain coverage at Dencos Luxury

Total porcelain coverage at Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic

Currently, Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic uses 3 top quality porcelain lines including Ceramill Zolid/FX; Nacera; and Katana. These porcelain lines are top quality, effectively satisfy requirements regarding colors, durability as well as the capacity to withstand chewing pressure.

According to doctor Do Hai Dang, upon applying Total porcelain coverage, the amount of grinding away natural teeth drops down to the minimum, between 0.6mm to 1.5mm compare to 2.5mm that happens for metal porcelain coverage, therefore would not affect the marrow (no marrow treatment required). Because of that, total porcelain coverage has greater longevity, the customer does not need to endure pain, numbing sensations after the coverage procedure.

At Dencos Luxury, the total porcelain coverage procedure is performed by doctor Do Hai Dang with more than 10 years of experience, assuring precision, no errors being made, resulting in a beautiful, even set of teeth, a bright smile, and a precise bite pattern.

Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic features a designing laboratory right inside the facility, which shortens the amount of time needed to complete the porcelain coverage while allows customers to save time, money and effort spent on transportation.

All customers receive a warranty card of 20 years for getting the total porcelain coverage service – the best proof of getting the service done at Dencos Luxury.

Before – after video of total porcelain coverage at Dencos Luxury (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions)
Total porcelain coverage is the optimal dental restoration solution for cases of teeth that are unaesthetic, broken, chipped, enamel lost, infected… Contact Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic now through the hotline 0902.68.55.99 or leave your information in the Form below for free consultancy:

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