Zoom Whitening

White, shiny teeth after 1 hour

Zoom Whitening – White, shiny teeth after 1 hour

Cavity, yellowing, or discoloring are factors making your teeth losing their whiteness, making you feel shy during interactions. The Zoom Whitening method is the ideal solution to bring along a white and shiny set of teeth quickly, while maintain gum and health safety. Check it out now.

Zoom Whitening – White, shiny teeth after 1 hour

The Zoom Whitening method


Service Cost
Zoom Whitening 159 USD
Teeth whitening combo 181 USD

Teeth Whitening cost in Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic


+Time: between 40-60 minutes (depending on individual case)

+The teeth whitening procedure takes place in the following order:

– Step 1: visiting the dentist, identify current dental conditions, ensuring that the customer is compatible with the Zoom Whitening technology.

– Step 2: clean the oral-dental area and separate the gum.

– Step 3: apply the whitening formula

– Step 4: use the laser beam to chemically activate the formula

The Zoom Whitening technology procedure

How Zoom Whitening technology works

Zoom Whitening involves the combination of: the whitening formula containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (in carefully regulated amounts within safety standards according to the ADA) and Zoom 2 technology, which together work as following:

+ The whitening formula is spread on the surface of teeth, will be absorbed across the outer layer of teeth and consequentially changes the color of teeth, while the fluoride included would help the outer layer remineralize, allowing 2 effects in 1 procedure.

+ After each period (15 minutes) of applying the whitening formula, the laser beam Zoom 2 will be directed onto the surface of teeth accurately, strengthening the evenness and speed of absorption of the formula across the teeth’s outer layer, thus ensuring the quality and safety during and after the whitening procedure.

Zoom Whitening technology for teeth whitening (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions)

Who should use the Zoom Whitening technology?

With the intelligent design as described above, Zoom Whitening technology is proven to be effective and safe for the cases of:

>> Yellowing, blackening, or discoloring teeth due to the effect of food consumption or genetic factors

>> Discolored teeth due to the effect of tetracycline (long term or high intensity antibiotics usage)

>> Cases where numerous whitening procedures had been used without substantial effects

>> Individuals who would like to maintain long term teeth whiteness and shininess

Zoom Whitening Indication

Zoom Whitening technology results

♣ Naturally white, shiny teeth, no longer yellow, discolored – changes between 3 tones of color (depending on individual case)

♣ No harm to teeth enamel and gum health

♣ Much more lasting result compare to other methods (at least 2-3 years)

♣ Maximum time saving – Completely safe

Before – after using Zoom Whitening technology (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions)

Before – after using Zoom Whitening technology (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions)


Before – after using Zoom Whitening technology (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions)


Notes for consideration after whitening teeth:

+ Avoid consuming foods that tend to cause discoloration

+ Limit the consumption of carbonated drinks, coffee and green tea

+ Avoid consuming foods that are either too hot or too cold

+ Care for dental hygiene according to the dentist’s suggestions and schedule periodic check-ups


– In Vietnam, Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic holds the sole right to perform the Zoom Whitening procedure in treatment, bringing excellent results to customers.

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