A-Z answers for questions regarding Zoom Whitening

The teeth whitening solution Zoom Whitening is considered to be optimal for cases of teeth that are yellowing, discoloring, not shiny. This service is currently available at Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic. Below, you can find a compilation of popular questions regarding this service and respective explanations from experts.  

A-Z answers for questions regarding Zoom Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular service 

Does the Zoom Whitening procedure involve pain or numbing sensations? 

Doctor Nguyen Trong Hoan (with more than 10 years of experience in the cosmetic dental field, the main doctor at Dencos Luxury) says:

Upon applying the Zoom Whitening technology, the patient experiences no pain or numbing sensations during the entire procedure, and also upon leaving the clinic. This has been the case with 99.9% of all past patients. Zoom Whitening uses a safe whitening formula, being dispersed using the light beam Laser Zoom 2, which is active only on the surface without affecting the enamel or the gum (which were isolated) and thus would cause no pain, discomfort like in other techniques. Furthermore, the steps are carried out precisely and gently thanks to highly experienced dentists, where no flaws are made and there’s no risk towards the oral-dental area”. 

Dental Zoom Whitening causes no pain and discomfort 

How much time does the Zoom Whitening procedure take, and what result can be expected? 

At Dencos Luxury, the Zoom Whitening procedure is done quickly and gently within 40-60 minutes in the following order of steps:

+ Meeting the dentist, identify the condition of the patient’s teeth

+ Clean the oral-dental area and isolate the lips-gum

+ Spread the multi-concentration whitening formula onto the surface of teeth

+ Apply the Laser light beam to activate the formula, re-clean and finish the procedure

After the procedure is completed, the customer would get the following results:

>> The conditions of discoloring, yellowing, not shiny occurred to teeth are vastly improved

>> Naturally white and shiny teeth (a difference of 1-3 color tones compare to initially depending on individual conditions)

>> Enduring whitening results that stand the test of time, at least 2-3 years.

Before-after applying the Zoom Whitening procedure (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions) 

Before-after applying the Zoom Whitening procedure (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions) 

Is Zoom Whitening safe? 

Regarding this question, doctor Nguyen Trong Hoan says: Zoom Whitening meets safety standards very well during and after the procedure by using multi-concentration whitening formula, health-friendly in combination with the large wavelength Zoom 2 light beam with high transmission rate.

+ No pain and numbing sensations (as explained above)

+ Does not affect the lips and gum

+ Does not cause/trigger allergies

+ Does not remain within the oral-dental area and thus leaves no risk behind

Zoom Whitening meets maximum safety standards during and after the procedure 

How much does Zoom Whitening cost?

Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic currently offers the service at 159 USD / time. This price is absolutely suitable relative to the results that the customers get.  

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In addition, upon arriving here, you will experience the service in a luxurious, modern operating room, where you will always feel satisfied with the professional service style of the team of doctors, dental assistants, consultant staffs… of Dencos Luxury.

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