Does Zoom Whitening harm teeth enamel?

Many customers selected Zoom Whitening (teeth whitening) as this technology is capable of bringing exceptional teeth whiteness and shininess after only 40-60 minutes. Then, does Zoom Whitening harm teeth enamel? Let’s find out with this article.

Tẩy trắng răng Zoom Whitening có làm hại men răng không?

Does Zoom Whitening harm teeth enamel?

Does Zoom Whitening harm teeth enamel?

According to dentists’ assessment, the Zoom Whitening procedure causes no effect to the user’s teeth enamel. On the contrary, the procedure strengthens the remineralizing capacity of the enamel because:

+ The whitening formula being recommended by the ADA with varying concentration levels of hydrogen peroxide within the safe threshold (do not exceed 35%) is being applied evenly onto the surface of teeth within a specific amount of time, being monitored by experienced dentists, just enough to break cavity apart and remove discoloration without harming teeth enamel.

+ The Fluoride ingredient in the whitening formula is maximally activated by the light beam Laser Zoom 2, which helps strengthening teeth, reinforcing teeth enamel, maintaining whiteness and shininess for longer.

+ Customers can be assured that, after undergoing the Zoom Whitening procedure, their teeth would be naturally white, with strong enamel with enduring results that stand the test of time for an average of 2-3 years.

>> Details on the Zoom Whitening technology

Tẩy trắng răng Zoom Whitening có làm hại men răng không?

Before – after the Zoom Whitening procedure (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions)

The time requirement and procedure of teeth Whitening

Cavity, yellowing, or discoloring are factors making your teeth losing their whiteness, making you feel shy during interactions. The Zoom Whitening method is the ideal solution to bring along a white and shiny set of teeth quickly, while maintain gum and health safety.

+Time: between 40-60 minutes (depending on individual case)

+The teeth whitening procedure takes place in the following order:

– Step 1: visiting the dentist, identify current dental conditions, ensuring that the customer is compatible with the Zoom Whitening technology.

– Step 2: clean the oral-dental area and separate the gum.

– Step 3: apply the whitening formula

– Step 4: use the laser beam to chemically activate the formula

Recommendations to always have a white and shiny set of teeth

The Zoom Whitening technology is capable of overcoming the yellowing and discoloration of teeth quickly and effectively. However, to maintain white and shiny teeth after undergoing the whitening procedure, you should note to:

+ Avoid smoking cigarette, consuming alcoholic drinks, coffee as these tend to cause repeated discoloration

+ Pay attention on diet habits: limit the consumption of foods that cause teeth discoloration such as braised meat dishes, curry, sauces…

+ Maintain oral-dental hygiene appropriately and scientifically: Brush teeth lightly 2-3 times daily with tooth paste containing fluoride, clean teeth after each meal…

+ Supplement with foods that benefit dental health and color, e.g. fruits

Tẩy trắng răng Zoom Whitening có làm hại men răng không?

Stay away from cigarette and factors that cause teeth discoloration

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