The reason you should choose cosmetic fillings at Dencos Luxury

Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic is one of the aesthetic & dental treatment addresses that many domestic and foreign customers trust to choose. Among the hot services here, many visitors have come to cosmetic fillings at Dencos Luxury.


The reason you should choose cosmetic fillings at Dencos Luxury


Dental fillings are technically quite simple, but require a high degree of accuracy, so the doctors who perform them must be highly skilled. At Dencos Luxury, the filling process is very simple and fast, requiring only 15-20 minutes for one tooth. This means that you will complete the restoration of tooth decay, chipped, sir …. In just 1 day.

In case of too many cavities, Inlay / Onlay technique is required, the process is completed in 2 appointments (it takes time to cast the filler).

Dencos Luxury uses high-quality composite fillings, which are durable and can be applied directly to teeth, frozen by the new generation Monochromatic Laser light for sustainable results, minimum 2-3 years, no peeling. sloughing when chewing food. The fillings are similar in color to the real teeth so they are not easily detected, meeting the optimum aesthetic to help restore the best damaged teeth.


When performing cosmetic fillings at Dencos Luxury, visitors can save a significant cost by a very low price compared to the same price and services in countries such as the UK, Germany, Japan, France …

More specifically, fillings are being applied at Dencos Luxury as follows:

Service Quantity   Price
Filling for children 1 tooth   9 USD
Preventative Filling (children) 1 tooth   17 USD
Aesthetic Composite Filling 1 tooth   17 – 23 USD
Aesthetic Composite Filling Mask 1 tooth   45 USD

In addition, you take advantage of time in Vietnam to perform, when you return home, you can return to work or other plans quickly, without spending any extra time to beautify your teeth.


+ The technique is performed by a qualified dentist, has a lot of experience, absolute accuracy, does not affect the real teeth so does not pose any risk, ensure absolute safety.

+ Filling materials are highly compatible, do not cause irritation when existing in the oral cavity, do not generate heat or corrosive so do not cause side effects.

+ Customers do not feel pain, discomfort during and after performing cosmetic fillings.

In addition to the outstanding advantages of the service, when choosing cosmetic fillings at Dencos Luxury International Dental, customers will experience the differences in service style and policies related to the cost, warranty of service, guarantee of absolute satisfaction.


According to doctor Pham Duy Quang’s assessment, dental filling is a relatively simple technique, therefore the physical handling takes place quickly. Before the procedure, the filling site is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and anesthetized, and so the patient experiences no pain, numbing sensation or discomfort whatsoever. In the condition that the tooth is plaqued, the dentist would first carve off the plaque. This stage may cause some numbing sensation on the surface of the tooth but would end quickly before the dentist fills the plaqued site completely.

Immediately after the filling procedure, the patient can leave and carry on their daily activities right away, without any pain or discomfort. Nevertheless, to make sure that the filling stays in place securely and does not fall off, the patient needs to follow the dentist’s instructions concerning dental hygiene and the consumption of foods and drinks during the first 1-2 days following the filling procedure.

Dencos Luxury International Dental is pleased to welcome customers!

Doctor Pham Duy Quang is well trusted by many customers because beside great expertise and having a lot of experience, the doctor always gives his all for his works, always places customers’ benefits as the highest priority, where all solutions are based on the mantra of bringing the best results and greatest customer satisfaction.

Pham Duy Quang

Implant placement & Dental cosmetic surgery expert

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