Is the Implant painful? – Read it now!

Implant is the “Golden” solution for cases of missing teeth, bringing high aesthetic value and satisfying chewing properties after implementation, so it is increasingly preferred. In fact, before performing Implant, many customers wonder if Is the Implant painful? Let’s dig deeper now!

Is the Implant painful? - Read it now!

Are implants hurt?

According to Doctor Pham Duy Quang – expert in charge of Implant service at Dencos Luxury International Dental, the degree of swelling, pain during and after the Implant depends on two main factors including complexity of the implant, the level of recovery of the implant area.

→ In the process of placing Implant, customers do not feel pain or discomfort because this area has been insensitive in place with appropriate doses, determined by experienced experts.

→ After returning home, pain may occur, but it differs depending on each person’s location and depends on the factors mentioned above:

+ The sooner the implant is placed after the tooth loss, the less pain is caused.  Because of the undigested bone area, the bone integration is quicker and the technique is also simpler than the “complex area” (already bone resorption, very few bones need bone grafts or artificial bone membranes …).

+ For those with large jaw bone size, it is usually less painful to feel because the bone covers the entire Implant, recovering quickly. In contrast, the size of the jaw bone is small, too small, it needs to intervene with more complex techniques, more susceptible to pain.

+ For people with benign conditions, good resistance, pain and discomfort after implanting is also significantly reduced compared to the rest.

How do reduce pain effectively & recover quickly when implant Implant?

As analyzed above, pain after implant is unavoidable and this is a normal phenomenon, do not need too worry. To reduce congestion, pain quickly and accelerate the recovery rate of the implant area, experts recommend:

+ Take pain and anti-inflammatory medications as directed by your doctor

+ Warm compresses, cold compresses to relieve pain (follow the doctor’s instructions)

+ Maintain good oral hygiene: Use dental floss, mouthwash, brush teeth properly with a soft brush, avoiding tooth damage

+ Pay attention to the issue of eating after placing the Implant: Priority for dishes made as soft, soft, liquid, away from overheating – too cold, the food is tough, hard and does not forget to drink enough water each day, adding fresh fruit juice to increase body resistance.

+ Give up bad habits such as grinding your teeth, touching your teeth with your hands …

+ Periodic re-examination to promptly identify arising problems (if any)

Why you should get dental implant placement performed at Dencos Luxury?

-> There are many varieties of qualities and costs of implants for customers to choose from

-> Fully equipped with advanced technologies: State of the art CBCT OP300, automatic, pain-free anesthetizing device, advanced porcelain crown coverage 2in1 technology …

-> Top of the line doctors and experts in the field of implant placement, internationally educated and certified.

-> Highly rated aftercare services and insurance protocols.


The fact that you do not need to be too worried about Implant hurt because at Dencos Luxury International Dental, the technique is done by an experienced doctor, genuine Implant pill … Contact now to be More specific advice:

Doctor Pham Duy Quang is well trusted by many customers because beside great expertise and having a lot of experience, the doctor always gives his all for his works, always places customers’ benefits as the highest priority, where all solutions are based on the mantra of bringing the best results and greatest customer satisfaction.

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