Q&A: Is dental scaling painful & related topics

Dental scaling is a relatively popular service among customers who seek dental care services in Vietnam during tourist seasons and holidays. This article seeks to resolve basic questions concerning this service such as whether dental scaling is painful, time and cost requirements …

Is dental scaling painful & related topics

Dental scaling is popular

Is dental scaling painful?

Currently Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic has successfully adopted and applied the Dentsply M3 ultrasound scaling technology from the US, allowing optimal results for customers, removing plaque on teeth’s surface and around root canals completely, ensuring oral hygiene, giving teeth an excellent shine.

>> Details on the Dentsply M3 ultrasound scaling technology

According to experts, with the use of ultrasound to make the plague layer on teeth’s surface break apart, Densply technology causes no pain, discomfort and bleeding that occurred with previous methods. All the steps are carried out in a gentle manner, allowing customers to feel no pain, discomfort or numb sensation.


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Densply M3 dental scaling technology causes no pain, discomfort

What are the time and cost requirements of dental scaling?

Upon applying the ultrasound dental scaling service, customers save a lot of time because the procedure takes only 20-40 minutes (depending on individual conditions) including all the steps such as visiting, advising, performing dental scaling and dental shining at the end.

At Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic, ultrasound costs 300,000 VND/Time, much lower compare to dental services in the US, Australia, Russia, Germany … thus allows customers to make a great saving.


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Ultrasound dental scaling is performed quickly and gently

How frequent should dental scaling be performed?

The facts show that dental plaque can build up whenever oral-dental hygiene is not maintained well. Nevertheless that doesn’t mean that you should get dental scaling performed too often. According to dentists, you should only get service once every 4-6 months. This is an appropriate frame of time, as dental plaque has not hardened and has not invaded deep into root canals.

Does dental scaling whiten teeth?

This question is also popular. Fundamentally, dental scaling does not affect the color of the teeth surface itself. However, considering plaque tends to have the brown-yellow, dark yellow color, combined with dental shining as the finishing touch would allow teeth to shine brightly and appear considerably whiter.


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Dental scaling helps preserve the whiteness and shine of teeth

Does dental scaling have any other effect?

As we know, the build up of plaque increases the condition for bacteria to grow, develop and attack the gum, eventually leading to oral-dental diseases such as periodontitis, bad breath, cold sore …

Therefore, dental scaling brings highly practical results, preserves dental hygiene and ensures teeth longevity, allows great confidence in your bright, beautiful smile.

Please visit Dencos Luxury dental clinic to experience the pain-free, safe and very time efficient dental scaling service. With particular spectacular strong points in terms of technology, technique, doctors, … Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic is proud to become a prestigious implant placement facility in Vietnam. Soon CONTACT NOW to be advised.

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