Is dental filling durable? Is the procedure painful?

Dental filling is a quick, simple and cost-saving dental restoration procedure, thus is very popular among customers. You would like to know whether the result of dental filling is durable, or whether the procedure is painful? Check out this article! 

Is dental filling durable?

Cosmetic dental filling quickly brings beautiful teeth 

Is the result of is dental filling durable?  

Cosmetic dental filling is a quick dental restoration technique being used for cases of teeth that are chipped, have worn out enamel, with gaps in between, or after being treated for diseases such as dental plaque, marrow infections. Before deciding to get the procedure performed, many customers are concerned whether the result of dental filling is durable. This depends on basic conditions such as the performing technique, the quality of the filling material …

At Dencos Luxury International Dental clinic, the filling material being used is composite with a special design, great capacity to handle pressure and do not produce heat, with a much greater longevity than previously used materials. Combined with filling technique precise to the nearest millimeter being performed by a team of prestigious doctors and experts with many years of experience.

The filling piece is being sticked directly onto the tooth’s surface, fixed stably into place by using an advanced Laser beam, without the risk of falling out, water resistant, helps further reinforce the biocompatibility between the filling material and the tooth’s surface, and so the filling has a much greater durability than the old filling technology. The filling result is typically stable for at least 2-3 years or longer if dental hygiene is well taken care of.

Is dental filling durable?

Dental filling result using Composite material stands the test of time (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions) 

Is dental filling durable?

Dental filling result using Composite material stands the test of time (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions) 

Is dental filling painful?

According to doctor Do Hai Dang’s assessment, dental filling is a relatively simple technique, therefore the physical handling takes place quickly. Before the procedure, the filling site is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and anesthetized, and so the patient experiences no pain, numbing sensation or discomfort whatsoever. In the condition that the tooth is plaqued, the dentist would first carve off the plaque. This stage may cause some numbing sensation on the surface of the tooth but would end quickly before the dentist fills the plaqued site completely.

Immediately after the filling procedure, the patient can leave and carry on their daily activities right away, without any pain or discomfort. Nevertheless, to make sure that the filling stays in place securely and does not fall off, the patient needs to follow the dentist’s instructions concerning dental hygiene and the consumption of foods and drinks during the first 1-2 days following the filling procedure.

Is dental filling durable?

The filling procedure is simple without causing any pain

At Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic, the cosmetic dental filling procedure is performed quickly and gently (around 10-15 minutes/tooth), maximizes time saving for customers. With advanced technology, skillful, enthusiastic doctors, Dencos Luxury is confident to bring the best results, satisfaction, and absolute assurance to customers.

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