Advanced technology plays an irreplaceable supporting role in dental cosmetics

Dencos Luxury International Dental is always to update its technologies to be in line and finest in order to support treatments process dental cosmetics.

Advanced technology plays an irreplaceable supporting role in dental cosmetics

Technology plays a decisive role, the performance of experts plays a crucial role towards the success of the treatment method.  

The proven necessity of the usage of advanced technology  

A case involving cosmetics or dental treatment would be very difficult to succeed without the support of technology. The result of cosmetic procedures would be difficult to meet expectations without the use of advanced technologies that are proven to meet safety standards as well as having been used and tested by prestigious dental clinics around the world.   

Taking diagnosis images with the OP300 device 

This is also the reason why Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic always welcomes and quickly updates advanced technologies around the world, imports directly from the manufacturer to support dental treatments and cosmetic procedures, meets customers’ expectations well, brings excellent cosmetic results, simultaneously saves time and performs procedures comfortably without any hassle.  


Bone structure imaging device OP300 

>> Dental diagnosing using OP300 technology  

The super-precise bone structure imaging device OP300 was procured by Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic during an early stage to support dental cosmetic procedures.

This device is considered a very distinguished dental diagnosis solution, allowing rapid bone structure imaging capacity with a high degree of precision.

Tool sterilizing device 

Images taken using OP300 are visually dynamic, being considered a method allowing experts to approach the patient’s conditions in a precise manner, and from there deliberate on the technical performance, make a rough treatment plan, while physically impact in a gentle and safe manner, preserve as much gum tissues and teeth root as possible, without touching or causing any impact onto nearby teeth.

The invention of OP300 is a proof showing rapid update of an advanced equipment on a global scale and its support towards dental treatments and cosmetic procedures.


An image of the bone structure of teeth by the device OP300 

>> The teeth whitening technology Zoom Whitening  

Zoom Whitening combines a wide-wavelength laser light beam and a whitening formula of diverse concentration levels. This technology has been proven to be safe, and give whitening results that exceed expectations – white and shiny teeth, no harm done to teeth enamel.

In the past, only teeth that recently become yellow or are slightly discolored can be whitened. Now, with Zoom Whitening technology, even teeth with yellow conditions that had persisted for years, or were discolored due to antibiotics or infections in a long time can be whitened.

You will experience no discomfort during the whole Zoom Whitening procedure. Afterward, not only will the set of teeth be white and shiny, even in color, naturally beautiful but even upon contact with overly hot or cold foods or drinks, there would not be numbing sensations in the teeth as the whitening procedure does not affect the roots, enamel of teeth, and does not corrode teeth.

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Whitening technology Zoom Whitening 

>> 2 IN 1 dental porcelain coverage: beautiful smile – perfect bite 

Cosmetic dental porcelain restoration is quickly becoming one of the most necessary cosmetic dental procedures in order to quickly overcome dental flaws, giving desirable results while saving time as well as performance costs. Regarding this method, Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic is quickly updating a new technology – 2 IN 1 porcelain restoration, bringing A BEAUTIFUL SMILE, AND A PERFECT BITE to customers.  

Newly equipped technology system

A dental restoration procedure is assessed to be a success upon meeting requirements concerning aesthetics and satisfactory chewing capacity. At Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic, the bone structure of the customer’s set of teeth would be imaged using the highly advanced device OP300. The precise images using this device would allow doctors to identify the teeth enamel, dental cavity, flaws as well as the condition of the marrow. From there, deliberations regarding the necessary amount of teeth grinding for the porcelain coverage procedure could be made.

At Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic, the teeth grinding technique would be applied at a specific level, without breaking the bone structure, without affecting the dental marrow. This allows the chewing capacity after grinding that matches the natural chewing capacity, with enduring results that last 10, 20 years or even longer.

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Dental porcelain restoration procedure being performed precisely step-by-step 

>> International standard automatic anesthesia  

In order to ensure maximum comfort for customers, Dencos Luxury has updated an international standard automatic anesthesia system. This product line has a small, convenient size, a gentle, quick, painless, comfortable, reassuring automatic anesthesia capacity.

This product line also combines music capacity to help customers relax during the procedure.


A beautiful set of teeth thanks to the dental porcelain coverage method 


Through the support of technologies, Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic always satisfy the safety and aesthetic conditions of the method used, offering treatment plans and restoration solutions that exceed expectations.

At Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic, basing on specific, factual conditions of each patient, the team of doctors would provide advices and recommendations to help customers understand the application techniques, allow customers to be optimally prepared for the procedure.

This is also the feature that allows Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic to STAND OUT compare to other dental facilities: Dencos Luxury’s dental experts would combine each customer’s specific conditions with technologies to arrive at a consistent solution approach. Not simply following the latest fads and trends, but striving for enduring values and qualities – this is also the motto of Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic.

Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic believes that: only through applying advanced dental technologies in combination with specific techniques being applied for particular conditions, and a team of experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated experts, can the process result in AN EXCEPTIONAL SMILE for our dear customers.

Doctor Pham Duy Quang is well trusted by many customers because beside great expertise and having a lot of experience, the doctor always gives his all for his works, always places customers’ benefits as the highest priority, where all solutions are based on the mantra of bringing the best results and greatest customer satisfaction.

Pham Duy Quang

Implant placement & Dental cosmetic surgery expert

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