“PERFECTLY PRECISE” porcelain coverage technique at Dencos Luxury

The degree of precision in performing techniques is one of the decisive factors towards the success of a cosmetic dental surgery case. Understanding this, at Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic, the porcelain coverage procedure is performed by doctor Pham Duy Quang, ensuring precision and excellent results while ensuring safety standards during and after the procedure.  

Template marking and teeth grinding technique  


After visiting the dentist, identifying the patient’s condition, doctor Pham Duy Quang will make a template of the teeth using advanced marking material and tools, which would precisely reflect the flaws, misalignments and unevenness of the set of teeth. After teeth grinding, a second template is made to have a mold to accurately design the porcelain cover.   

Kĩ thuật bọc răng sứ

Dental template marking tools allowing a high degree of accuracy  


Performed by an expert with many years of experience, the grinding technique at Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic satisfies technical standards.

– Grinding rate

For incisors and canines, the rate of grinding of the teeth’s column needs to be in the 0.6mm-1mm range, the teeth’s body needs to be grinded in the 1mm-1.5mm range, the biting edge needs to be grinded with the highest degree of adjustment in the 1.2mm-2mm range.

As molars need to withstand great biting force, the rates of grinding needs to be adjusted appropriately. Specifically, the teeth’s column is grinded in the 0.8mm-1mm range, the body in the 1.5-2mm range, the inside chewing surface in the 1.5mm-2mm

– Flexible restoration completion line

In dentistry, the flexible restoration completion line tends to vary, depending on each doctor’s particular technique during the procedure. At Dencos Luxury, ensuring a precise performance, making no mistake outside the rate range and allowing the optimal coverage.  

Porcelain coverage technique at Dencos Luxury

The grinding technique being performed according to the standardized rate  

Dental porcelain coverage design technique 

To minimize time requirement for customers needing porcelain coverage, Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic is equipped with a porcelain coverage designing laboratory right at the facility. The porcelain coverage designing technician has many years of experience, together with top grade equipment and tools ensure that the coverage designing procedure takes place with absolute precision in terms of shape, relative rates between teeth, teeth surface, bite edges …

From that, after restoration, customers would own a set of teeth that is even, naturally-looking beautiful, no discomfort, and that the porcelain covers do not discolor and break.


The porcelain coverage designing laboratory right inside the facility

Dental porcelain coverage technique with the degree of precision nearest to micrometer 

the procedure is performed by dental restoration expert with more than 10 years of experience – doctor Do Hai Dang, the dental porcelain coverage technique at Dencos Luxury dental clinic is precise to the nearest micrometer.

+ The porcelain cover completely surrounds and fits onto the entire body of the tooth (after grinding) like a glove

+ There’s no gap between the porcelain coverage and the gum

+ The porcelain covers of different teeth fit neatly against one another

+ Perfect bite pattern, no sensation of feeling off

Before and after the dental porcelain coverage procedure at Dencos Luxury (the effectiveness varies depending on individual conditions)

The precise procedure is performed in an advanced operating room by an expert with many years of experience while using branded porcelain material, meeting quality standards. Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic is confident at becoming the most prestigious dental porcelain coverage facility in Vietnam, bringing “an exceptional smile” to thousands of customers every year.

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