IMPORTANT NOTES when making cosmetic porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth, also known as dental crowns, is a fast, highly effective solution to restore teeth, especially suitable for customers who want to perform services while traveling and relaxing in Vietnam. Do not overlook the extremely IMPORTANT NOTES when making cosmetic porcelain teeth.


IMPORTANT NOTES when making cosmetic porcelain teeth

First note: Make sure you are suitable for making porcelain teeth

You need to come to Dencos Luxury so that Pham Duy Quang porcelain prosthesis specialist can directly examine, consult and identify the defects on your arched teeth which are perfectly suitable for making porcelain porcelain teeth.

+ Chipped, chipped, broken teeth cannot be restored by other methods

+ Scaly tooth, small mouth

+ Heavy colored teeth are hard to restore the whiteness

+ Bad teeth (overall teeth are too short, too big or disproportionate, lose aesthetic).

Second, it should be noted about tooth color

To ensure the highest aesthetics after porcelain, you need to choose porcelain teeth of the same color and similarity with adjacent teeth (if only covering a limited number of teeth). Ask your doctor to color porcelain teeth or use the same method to know if the tooth color is good or not, even when preparing to replace the teeth, you can still ask to adjust the teeth so naturally , like.

Next, pay attention to the contact between teeth

A successful porcelain case must meet the following criteria:

+ Dentures and real teeth must fit together, avoid gaps and dentures will have to be under the gums to prevent food from being crammed between teeth when eating chew causing gingivitis, bad breath, black condition. True tooth, ensure optimal aesthetics.

+ The adjacent teeth close together, no gap.

+ Exactly bite between two jaws Customers can be completely assured when making porcelain teeth at Dencos Luxury, the operations are performed correctly, meeting the above criteria, conducted by experts with over 10 years of experience and implement succeededly in over 4,000 cases of actual customers.

Important note after making porcelain teeth

After cosmetic porcelain teeth, customers also need to pay attention to the following issues, which contribute to the expected results and increase the life of porcelain teeth.

+ In the first few days after porcelain wrap should perform oral hygiene, use the drug as prescribed and doctor’s instructions. Maintain proper oral – oral hygiene for a long time.

+ You should only eat soft foods such as soup, porridge, soft rice, soup, … in the first days after tooth cover.

+ Avoid strong contact, directly bite food or fruit with newly wrapped porcelain teeth.

+ Increasing resistance of the body, ensuring teeth – mouth always healthy is also a way to increase the life of porcelain teeth.

How to make porcelain teeth in Dencos Luxury?

With the designing laboratory located right at the facility, Dencos Luxury Dental Clinic helps customers in need of dental porcelain coverage save as much time, effort and cost on travelling as possible.

+ For cases of applying coverage for less than 10 teeth.

The required time is 1 day. The customer visits doctor Nguyen Trong Hoan to identify the condition, the number of teeth requiring porcelain coverage, then proceed to grinding the teeth and applying temporary teeth. The porcelain coverage would then be constructed immediately and quickly. The whole procedure from start to finish would be completed within one day.

+ For cases of applying coverage for more than 10 teeth.

In these cases, as well as when the smile line needs to be redesigned or there are symptoms of dental plaque, marrow infections … 2 visits to Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic are required.

During the first visit, the doctor will identify the dental condition, give recommendations regarding the coverage method and provide supportive treatment if necessary. If not, the teeth needing coverage will be grinded and temporary teeth will be applied.

During the second visit (the following day or 1-2 days in between depending on specific conditions), the patient returns and the porcelain coverage procedure will be completed.

With 2in1 porcelain crowns at Dencos Luxury International Dental, customers will soon own beautiful jaws, ideal smile lines, chewing comfortably in a sustainable way over time. Do not hesitate any more, contact now:

Doctor Pham Duy Quang is well trusted by many customers because beside great expertise and having a lot of experience, the doctor always gives his all for his works, always places customers’ benefits as the highest priority, where all solutions are based on the mantra of bringing the best results and greatest customer satisfaction.

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