Choosing the right dental expert determines up to 85% the success of the procedure

The level of skill of the dental expert the procedure is one of the crucial factors, determining up to 85% the success of the procedure, bringing results that meet customers’ expectations. Understanding this Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic always pays utmost attention towards building a team of dentists, experts who ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE – HAVE MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – ARE DEDICATED AND ENTHUSIASTIC combined with the support of the team of well educated, skillful and dedicated assistants.

Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic holds the gathering of many experts, prestigious dentists in Vietnam as well as many well-educated, experienced, skillful assistants in the field of cosmetic dentistry.  


Customers will be served by a team of dentists with many years of experience, having performed many successful cases of cosmetic dentistry for Vietnamese celebrities, businessmen. The process includes dentist visit, consultancy, recommendations, treatment procedures, cosmetics, ultimately bringing results that match expectations.

To Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic, HONORING CUSTOMERS is the top most priority. All the doctors’ decisions are discussed, agreed based on the benefits and factual conditions of each customer individually – expressing the ETHICAL STANDARD of a doctor. This is the great distinction compare to other cosmetic dental centers.

Choosing the right dental expert

Choosing the right dentist determines up to 85% the success of the procedure 


It is rare to find a clinic with the level of expertise specialization for doctors found in Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic. Each doctor would be responsible for a particular procedure depending on the doctor’s strengths and level of expertise. With many years of experience in the field, including dental porcelain coverage, implant placement, cosmetic bracing… the doctors would provide accurate assessments regarding patients’ conditions and recommend appropriate solutions.

Towards patients with complicated conditions, the assistance doctor will discuss with the specialized group, deliberate carefully before arriving at a suitable cosmetic solution. This brings great results that match customers’ expectations while simultaneously emphasize the ETHICAL STANDARD of the team of dentists especially experienced dentists at Dencos Luxury.    

The customer will be checked and consult with the doctor, and the procedure will be performed by a specialized doctor 


Originally established to offer a prestigious, reliable dental facility for both domestic as well as international customers, Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic always emphasizes and holds customers’ benefits, services provision, high quality services and absolute customer satisfaction with high esteem.

This is clearly expressed at:

  • Towards customers who live far away, the clinic would support in direct picking up and dropping off
  • Towards customers who require 2-3 days to complete a procedure, the clinic would support an overnight stay facility free of charge
  • Deliver the warranty card right after the procedure’s completion
  • Long term warranty for many services



Dencos Luxury International Dental Clinic gathers a team of experts with many years of experience, who are knowledgeable masters of the field of dentistry. Each procedure will be handled by a particular team of specialized experts, bringing optimal results to customers: 

  1. The expert in implant placement – cosmetic dental porcelain restoration Pham Duy Quang 

This is one of the well known masters in the field of dental implant placement and cosmetic dental porcelain restoration. Not only well known for his range of experience and knowledge, doctor Pham Duy Quang is also among doctors who are held with high esteem for his ETHICAL STANDARD during his dental practice.

– With more than 12 years of experience regarding cosmetic dental porcelain restoration with hundreds of cases of full jaw cosmetics for both domestic as well as international patients. He is well trusted by both domestic as well as international patients.

– Doctor Pham Duy Quang has a wide range of experience as well as dedication and professionalism for his craft. He graduated from Medical & Pharmacy University of Ho Chi Minh City. He studied abroad in the Oral-Maxillofacial field and collaborated with graduates and lecturers from Medical University and Oral-Maxillofacial Institute.

– Doctor Pham Duy Quang participated in many intensive research courses on dental implant placement and together with Doctor Nguyen Manh Phu researched and successfully performed many complex clinical cases, which earned them prestige among patients.

     2. Dental porcelain restoration expert Nguyen Trong Hoan

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of dentistry, expert DOCTOR NGUYEN TRONG HOAN – cosmetic dental porcelain expert at Dencos Luxury international dental clinic, is one of the well known characters of in the dental porcelain restoration field in Vietnam.

– Graduated with good distinction in the Oral-Maxillofacial department at the Medical University of Hanoi

– Having more than 10 years of experience in the field of cosmetic dental porcelain restoration

– Successfully performed 4000 cases involving cosmetic dental porcelain

– Received degrees from many intensive education courses on cosmetic dental porcelain restoration domestically and internationally

– Studied abroad in many countries with well developed backgrounds in dentistry such as the UK, the US, Germany …

     3. Implant placement expert Dang Viet Khanh

Implant placement is one of the more complex procedures to restore lost teeth and is rated to be far superior compare to other traditional restoration methods.

Doctor Dang Viet Khanh, implant placement expert at Dencos Luxury International dental clinic.

– Graduated with GREAT distinction in the Oral-Maxillofacial department at Medical University of Hanoi

– With more than 5 years of experience in the cosmetic implant placement field

– Well known expert specializing in cosmetic dental implant placement in Vietnam

– Successfully performed thousands of implant placement cases

– Participated in many extensive education courses on dentistry

Implant placement expert Dang Viet Khanh  

Doctor Pham Duy Quang is well trusted by many customers because beside great expertise and having a lot of experience, the doctor always gives his all for his works, always places customers’ benefits as the highest priority, where all solutions are based on the mantra of bringing the best results and greatest customer satisfaction.

Pham Duy Quang

Implant placement & Dental cosmetic surgery expert

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