In the midst of a series of mushroom-growing dentistry today, choosing a safe and quality dental address is not a simple thing. According to a recent survey of the Ministry of Health, the most prestigious dentists in Hanoi are full of requirements as well as the following medical standards.You can refer to the list of the top 3 best prestlgious dentals in Ha Noi. Internal details:

1. Dencos Luxury International Dental 

1 in the top 3 best prestlgious dentals, convergence of many strengths in modern dental technology & treatment, a team of doctors – experts with good, caring, capable, modern facilities, optimal service policies and special especially, Dencos Luxury International Dental has become one of the top 5 most prestigious dentistry in Hanoi and in Vietnam. Each year, Dencos Luxury brings unexpected results to thousands of cases at home and abroad.


—Luxurious and modern facilities

+ Facilities are carefully invested, large, luxurious structure, reaching 5 STAR standards: System of modern equipment, standards, constantly updated: Camera OP300; Zoom 2 genuine whitening machine from USA, automatic grinding machine, anesthetic injection machine …

+ System of consulting rooms, fully equipped with modern, luxurious and comfortable facilities

+ Room service meets aseptic standards, full dental chairs, modern equipment

+ Integrating Labo room to manipulate porcelain teeth in the center, shortening the waiting time for crowns to be completed for porcelain and dental prosthesis customers

top 3 best prestlgious dentals

Top 3 best prestlgious dentals

—Cosmetic technology & advanced dental treatment support – Integrating the Labo room to manufacture porcelain teeth at the center, shortening the waiting time to complete crowns for customers restoring porcelain teeth

Dencos Luxuxy International Aesthetic Dentistry aims to build a high-class regional dentistry, providing a full range of dental aesthetic services, supporting special dental treatment that requires high technology such as :

  • Implant implant OP 300
  • Jaw Bone Implant
  • Aesthetic porcelain veneers enough material
  • All on 4 – All on 6 – prosthetic teeth
  • Braces do not braces
  • Whitening Zoom Whitening

Every case customers who come to Dencos Luxury will feel absolutely satisfied with the results that they get, not only in terms of aesthetic value but also in good chewing, safety, no potential complications. side effects.

Top 3 best prestlgious dentals

—Team of doctors, experts GREAT – INTERESTED 

From real people, real professionals, years of experience in the field of dental activities, training for many generations of future dentists, the profession is recognized by tens of thousands of treatment support cases, Aesthetic hard dentistry, the dedication of a team of experts, dentists at Dencos Luxury International Dental always satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The special thing is that each specialist operates in certain dental fields, meeting his own professional requirements.

◊ Cosmetic grooming specialist Pham Duy Quang – 20 years of experience

◊ Dr. Quach Thi Thuy Lan – Braces specialist

◊ Doctor Nguyen Trong Hoan has over 10 years of experience in cosmetic porcelain prostheses

◊ Đặng Master Dang Viet Khanh – implant dental implant service

—Service utilities & professional service style

This is also one of the strengths, the difference of Dencos Luxury International Dental compared to other addresses. Come to Dencos Luxury, customers are consulted, enthusiastic care 24/7 completely free before – during and after applying the service.

Utilities only at Dencos Luxury:

  • Airport shuttle and room service are available for guests
  • Save electronic patient records for customers to track and meet the warranty, good for customers.
  • Warranty service is clear and durable

Not only is the place to take care and protect the smile of a large number of SAO Vietnamese and domestic customers, Dencos Luxury International Dental is also a stop for the majority of overseas Vietnamese overseas.

2. Australian dentistry

Australia Dental Clinic is the leading cosmetic dentistry center in Vietnam with the desire to bring bright smiles to everyone thanks to its healthy and beautiful teeth. Besides, the top criteria is always focused on helping customers achieve the best treatment results but still safe for health.

Australia Dental has a modern headquarters located in a convenient location for customers from many places to directly visit and consult. This is a completely new operating facility, following strict medical standards, to ensure the best conditions for the doctors to treat it as well as create a sense of comfort for each guest.

3. Chau Thanh dentistry

Is also one of the top 3 best prestlgious dentals, Chau Thanh Dental Center was established on July 16, 2011, with 6 years of construction and development, which is consistently rated as one of the leading prestigious Dental, Treatment and Dental Care Centers in Hanoi.

The system of equipment, technology, facilities are modernly invested according to European and American standards, selected from the world’s leading brands, reputable and quality that have been affirmed on world as well as suitability in Vietnam.

  • A team of experienced, skilled, talented and caring doctors.
  • Detailed warranty policy, specific to each service.

As a result, the treatment results are always good and safe.

Hopefully with the information about top 3 best prestlgious dentals clinic addresses in Hanoi will help you get the best and most reasonable choice for you. Wish you have a strong teeth.

Doctor Pham Duy Quang is well trusted by many customers because beside great expertise and having a lot of experience, the doctor always gives his all for his works, always places customers’ benefits as the highest priority, where all solutions are based on the mantra of bringing the best results and greatest customer satisfaction.

Pham Duy Quang

Implant placement & Dental cosmetic surgery expert

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